Religious Places

Greensides Farm

The Greensides Farm is located in Marmora. Some claimed to have seen Marian apparitions over the past 25 years on the property. The phenomena started during a reunion of friends in 1991. Various people saw a miracle of a spinning sun. In 1992, the Marian apparitions appeared to ten children from age 4 to 14 within one day. There is spring water at the farm and some claim it has healing effects in this time when so many need healing especially of the spiritual kind. More recently, the property was being turned over to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. Stations of the Cross have been placed around the field and into the woods. Pinterest site can be found here.

I must add a word of caution. Revelations and visions excite us on our spiritual journey. In the absence of approval by the Holy See, I urge you to pray for discernment before visiting such sites. The Greensides themselves have warned about attacks from the enemy: not all who claim to be seers are legitimate. Beware of false prophets. Address: 86 Greenside Lane, Marmora. GPS location: 44.49174, -77.63205

Ruins of Saint Matilda Church

Saint Matilda – Early Catholic Church in Upper Canada

Established in 1825 on the west bank of the Crowe River, Saint Mathilda Church was one of the very first Catholic churches in Upper Canada. It served as the first church for various protestant faiths as well. It was a place of congregation for the 150-200 inhabitants of Marmora during that time. The church measured 25′ in width by 43′ in length. The church building was completely constructed from limestone quarried from a nearby rock-pit on the west bank of Crowe River. After 1875, when a new Roman Catholic Church was built, the building was abandoned. The foundations of this old building still remain as a kind of shrine and were restored in 1964. GPS location: 44.48608, -77.68919

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