Local Shopping


No Frills Campbellford
15 Canrobert Street, Campbellford. (GPS: 44.308568, -77.801925). Hours: Monday to Friday 8AM–9PM, Saturday 8AM–7PM, Sunday 9AM–6PM.

RONA Campbellford
509 Grand Road, Campbellford. (GPS: 44.290903, -77.807367). Hours: Monday to Friday 7AM–6PM, Saturday 8AM–6PM, Sunday 9AM–5PM.

Sharpe’s Food Mart
85 Front Street North, Campbellford. (GPS: 44.310732, -77.796008). Hours: Monday to Friday 8AM–9PM, Saturday 8AM–7PM, Sunday 9AM–6PM.

Home Hardware Campbellford
545 Grand Road, Campbellford. (GPS: 44.286418, -77.808607). Hours: Monday to Wednesday 8AM–6PM, Thursday to Friday 8AM–8PM, Saturday 8AM–6PM, Sunday 9AM–5PM.

Canadian Tire Campbellford
130 Grand Road, Campbellford. (GPS: 44.304634, -77.804599). Hours: Monday 8AM–7PM, Tuesday 8AM–5PM, Wednesday 8AM–7PM, Thursday to Friday 8AM–9PM, Saturday 8AM–6PM, Sunday 9AM–5PM.

UPI Gas Bar
168 Grand Road, Campbellford. (GPS: 44.303070, -77.803883). Call (705) 632-1928.

Phoenix Ultramar
68 Front Street North, Campbellford. (GPS: 44.310247, -77.797150). Hours: Monday to Friday 6AM–11PM, Saturday 7AM–10PM, Sunday 7AM–9PM.


Esso Gas Station
91 Bridge Street, Hastings. (GPS: 44.303945, -77.954642). Hours Daily 5:30AM–10:30PM.

Ultramar Gas Station Hastings
86 Bridge Street, Hastings. (GPS: 44.303745, -77.954145). Hours Daily 5:30AM–10:30PM.

Home Hardware Hastings
13 Front St E, Hastings. (GPS: 44.31001, -77.95644). Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30AM–6PM, Sunday closed.


Petrocanada (Havelock)
52 Ottawa St W, Havelock. (GPS: 44.433, -77.89274). Call (705) 778-3433

Havelock Gas Bar
18 Ottawa St W, Havelock. (GPS: 44.43326, -77.88782). Hours: Daily 7AM–9PM.

Country Gas Bar (Havelock)
Trans-Canada Hwy, Havelock. (GPS: 44.43376, -77.87234). Call (705) 778-7745

Home Hardware (Havelock)
22 Ottawa St W, Havelock. (GPS: 44.43351, -77.88856). Hours: Monday to Thursday, Saturday 8AM–6PM, Friday 8AM–8PM, Sunday 9AM–4PM.

Foodland (Havelock)
38 Ottawa St W, Havelock. (GPS: 44.43307, -77.8906). Hours: Daily 24 Hours

Guardian Pharmacy (Havelock)
44 Ottawa St W, Havelock. (GPS: 44.43316, -77.89171). Call (705) 778-3851

Marion’s Live Bait and Tackle (Havelock)
1 Princess St, Havelock. (GPS: 44.43106, -77.89194). Hours: Daily 8AM–4PM.


Shell (Marmora)
2 Matthew Street, Marmora. (GPS: 44.47901, -77.69078). Call (613) 472-6298

Pump Gas Bar (Marmora)
25 Matthew Street, Marmora. (GPS: 44.48483, -77.67755). Call (613) 472-3600.

Ultramar (Marmora)
57 Matthew Street, Marmora. (GPS: 44.48535, -77.67671). Hours: Monday to Friday 6AM–11PM, Saturday and Sunday 7AM–11PM.

Home Hardware (Marmora)
ON-7, Marmora. (GPS: 44.47788, -77.69675). Hours: Monday to Friday, Saturday 8AM–5PM, Sunday 9AM–3PM.

Drummond Bldg Supplies (Marmora)
90 Matthew Street, Marmora. (GPS: 44.48742, -77.66939). Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30AM–5PM, Saturday 8AM–5PM, Sunday 9AM–1PM.

Valumart (Marmora)
42 Matthew Street, Marmora. (GPS: 44.48483, -77.67755). Hours: Monday to Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 8AM–8PM, Friday 8AM–9PM.

Chris’ Live Bait (Marmora)
Corner of Highway 7 and Mine Road, Marmora. (GPS: 44.48876, -77.66167). Hours: Monday to Thursday, 9AM–6PM, Friday, Saturday 8AM–6PM, Sunday 9AM–5PM.