Frequently Asked Questions

The St. Maximilian Retreat House is located on the northeast shoreline of Lake Seymour. The municipal address is 382 Lake Road, Trent Hills, Ontario. The best way to navigate to the St. Maximilian Retreat House is using the GPS coordinates 44.39813, -77.81018 because some online maps are inaccurate at locating 382 Lake Road. The most direct route travels through Peterborough. The alternate route travels through the townships of Brighton and Campbellford.

Notes: Although the direct route (via Peterborough) is 20-25 minutes faster, driving seems to be more challenging. Along Highway 7, there are often no physical barriers separating traffic from opposing ways. Many infrequent and less experienced travelers use this route.

Our guests will need to bring the following:

  1. The St. Maximilian Retreat House provides bunk beds with basic linens including bed coverings, pillows and light blankets. Depending on the weather, guests may wish to bring heavier blankets and sleeping bags.
  2. Guests should bring their own bath towels.
  3. Guests should bring an adequate supply of personal hygiene items, such as their own toothbrush and comb.
  4. Guests should bring sun protection and bug protection. The St. Maximilian Retreat House has outdoor insect traps mounted near the entrance.
  5. Guests are responsible for their own fishing equipment and license. The St. Maximilian Retreat House does offer a few fishing poles and reels for guests to borrow.
  6. The St. Maximilian Retreat House provides basic cutlery, china and cookware. Guests are encouraged to bring their own paper plates and plastic cutlery.
  7. The St. Maximilian Retreat House offers two aluminum boats and one trolling motor available for guest use. There is no extra fee for using our aluminum boats. You must wear a life jacket when using our boats. Life jackets for children and adults are available. Water safety must be cautiously observed at all times especially when there are children.
  8. Guests are responsible for obtaining a boating license if they plan on using the trolling motor. There is a small one-time fee for renting our trolling motor and marine battery. No boating license is required if only oars and paddles are used.
  9. Guests should bring appropriate outdoor clothing including sandals and hiking boots depending on weather conditions.
  10. Guests should bring cell phones for safety and navigation purposes. The cell phones could, of course, be turned off anytime.

Please take non-organic garbage and non-paper based recyclables with you to a proper place of disposal. We suggest burning paper and cardboard refuse at the fire pit by the shore. Please ensure garbage and recyclables are never mishandled or disposed of on the property or on neighbouring properties. The organic food wastes can be deposited into the compost bin on the property. Please leave the property in the same clean condition which you found it. Please review our Guest Agreement for more details.

The minimum number of consecutive days for each staying period is 2 nights (3 days). However, if you have a particular request for a day visit or a single night visit, please feel free to write to us or call us.

The total occupancy is restricted to a maximum of 20 overnight guests. There are 20 twin-size beds. There is additional floor space within the 3 cabins. The maximum 20-guest overnight occupancy must be strictly observed. However, if you have guests and friends who wish to visit the site during the daytime, such as for participating in a one-day event or making a day trip, please tell us your situation. While the capacity of our water system is the site’s main constraint, we want to accommodate the needs of your event.

Our usual check-in time is after 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. If you would like to arrive earlier, please consult us and we will try to accommodate you.

The property has a driveway that can accommodate up to 6 regular passenger vehicles. There are signs separating the entranceway from the recreational and service areas of the property. For safety reasons, all vehicles must not enter beyond the signs. Vehicles should never park on Lake Road for more than a few moments.

The water source is a drilled well located on the property. The groundwater in this region contains above-average concentrations of dissolved iron. Our water system filters all water before it is dispensed in the kitchen and bathrooms. We discourage the use of water for direct consumption. It is perfectly fine to use the water for showering, washing food, and general cleaning. In the past, the well water has been used for boiling corn, cleaning vegetables and fish with no health effects.

The water immediately bordering the shores of the St. Maximilian Retreat House contains structures and aquatic plants. The density of the aquatic flora depends much on the conditions. These waters are really more ideal for fishing than swimming. However, if you boat out 50 meters from the shore towards the center of the lake or towards the east shore of Lake Seymour, the water is clearer and more ideal for swimming. Throughout the summer, there is a fair amount of activity in the lake including water skiing, speed boating and swimming. If you go swimming, please beware of the other activities going on which could introduce hazards.

A. Please adhere to our policies.

  1. We may apply an admission fee for each pet you bring.
  2. We reserve the right to exclude any pet.
  3. Stooping and scooping are a must everywhere it happens. Do not discard animal litter into trash bins within buildings. Please store all scooped litter in a separate container outside.
  4. Continuous and excessive noise is not tolerated.
  5. Your pet is welcome to swim off leash at our dock but you must maintain complete control and responsibility.
  6. No pets may be on the furniture or beds at any time. You will be charged an extra cleaning fee if this rule is violated.
  7. Please review our Guest Agreement for more details.

In the religious and spiritual sense, when a person says that he is going to a retreat, he means that he is withdrawing from society to a quiet place for prayer, study, to reflect or to meditate. It is time to engage in adoration or spiritual exercises. It usually covers a period of a few days and held at a religious house. Retreats help those who are soul searching and assists them in finding their purpose in life. Retreats also serve the purpose of spiritual growth, improving one’s closeness with God, taking the time to listen and hear God’s voice in one’s heart.

A religious order is a lineage of communities and organizations of people who live in some way set apart from society in accordance with their specific religious devotion, usually characterized by the principles of its founder’s religious practice. Three vows commonly taken are vows of poverty, obedience, and chastity. Members of a religious order relinquish all possessions and personal authority. Religious orders are found in the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church and, although rarely, in Protestant churches. The Franciscans, Jesuits, and Trappists are religious orders. Here is a partial list of religious orders.

We offer a special Religious Rate for consecrated members of these communities living out their devotion.

Yes. The St. Maximilian Retreat was established in the Catholic tradition with a deep emphasis on the sanctity of life. By being made in the image of Christ, we welcome all denominations serving God. The property has hosted retreats for various faiths.

The property is privately owned by the Maximilian Family Fund. The Maximilian Family Fund supports a number of charitable initiatives that are aligned with the Christian faith.

The St. Maximilian Retreat House is a short drive to Campbellford (13 km), Marmora (18 km), Havelock (13 km) and Hastings (20 km). The Greensides Farm is located in Marmora (GPS location: 44.491747,-77.6320572). The Crowe River and Callaghan Rapids children’s play spots are located within a 10-minute drive (GPS location: 44.381697,-77.7557873 and 44.445437,-77.6959587). Please refer to LocalityFishing, and Shopping for a full listing.