Children Playspots

Crowe Bridge Water Play Spot

The Crowe Bridge is located 7 minutes east of the St. Maximilian Retreat House between the 12th and 13th Line. This area just immediately north of the bridge is a well-known play spot for children during the late spring, summer and early fall. There is ample free public parking for visitors. The water is quite low. It is quite safe to wade in the water. This play spot is part of the Crowe Bridge Conservation Area and formally managed by Crowe Valley Conservation Authority. Photos can be found here. GPS location: 44.38169, -77.75578

Callaghan Rapids

Callaghan’s Rapids features two falls which are about one metre in height, each spanning the entire width of the river, which is about forty to sixty metres across. When river flows are low enough, you can walk out and explore the river bed. The upper falls are interesting in that it is formed on a wedge-shaped outcrop of limestone which appears to be bevelled down to a sharp edge, right at the crest of the falls. The lower falls are similar but do not exhibit the bevelled-edge crest. Photos can be found here. GPS location: 44.44909, -77.68943

Indian River Reptile Zoo

Indian River Reptile Zoo is a small reptile zoo located 15 minutes west from the Maximilian Retreat House on Highway 7. The zoo hosts more than 200 different reptiles. While some of the reptiles are species native to Canada, there is also a large number of species from other parts of the world. The zoo is also known for its popular rattlesnake exhibit which is the largest in Canada. Although the zoo offers visitors the opportunity to see a wide range of reptiles, much of its focus is on the preservation and conservation of all reptile species. Address: 2206 County Rd 38, Indian River. GPS location: 44.34421, -78.08814

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