Hiking Trails

Ferris Trail

Situated as part of both Ferris Provincial Park and Trans Canada Trail, the Ferris Trail is 30 km long. The Ferris Trail has two main trails: the Drumlin and the River Gorge. The Drumlin trail is a series of large loops with numerous benches to offer moments to break. The River Gorge trail traverses beside the Trent River from the northern park boundary past Ranney Falls and the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge reaches down to the southern park boundary before looping back north. Both trails have some rough sections. Overall the Ferris Trail's difficulty is intermediate. Photos can be found here. GPS location: 44.29439, -77.79416

The Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge offers quite a vantage point over the Trent River. The beauty of this adventurous journey will change with the seasons. Located right beside locks 11 & 12 at the south end of Campbellford, the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge is on the Trans Canada Trail. GPS location: 44.29253, -77.80102

Click for map of Ferris Trail. More information about Ferris Provincial Park and Trans Canada Trail.

Marmora Crowe River Trail

This multi-use trail is open to all recreational enthusiasts. You can get to this trail via Highway #7 and McCleary Road. The trail connects with the Trans Canada Trail System and part of the Eastern Ontario Trails Association. Please visit the EOTA web site or call (613) 478-1444 for more information. GPS location: 44.44523, -77.69376

Marmora Mine Trail

This multi-use trail is open to all recreational enthusiasts. You can get to the trail via Mary Street from Highway #7. The trail connects with the Hastings Heritage Trail and part of the Eastern Ontario Trails Association. Please visit the EOTA web site or call (613) 478-1444 for more information. Photos can be found here. GPS location: 44.48302, -77.65946

Brian Goodchild Memorial Trail

This is an attractive and unusual trail adjacent to the river. It is wheelchair accessible and open to walkers and bicycles. It is not open to motorized vehicles. The trail is about three kilometres long. GPS location: 44.48235, -77.68441

Children's Water Play Spots

Crowe Bridge 

The Crowe Bridge is located 7 minutes east of the St. Maximilian Retreat House between the 12th and 13th Line. This area just immediately north of the bridge is a well-known play spot for children during the late spring, summer and early fall. There is ample free public parking for visitors. The water is quite low. It is quite safe to wade in the water. This play spot is part of the Crowe Bridge Conservation Area and formally managed by Crowe Valley Conservation Authority. Photos can be found here. GPS location: 44.38169, -77.75578

Callaghan Rapids 

Callaghan's Rapids features two falls which are about one metre in height, each spanning the entire width of the river, which is about forty to sixty metres across. When river flows are low enough, you can walk out and explore the river bed. The upper falls are interesting in that it is formed on a wedge-shaped outcrop of limestone which appears to be bevelled down to a sharp edge, right at the crest of the falls. The lower falls are similar but do not exhibit the bevelled-edge crest. Photos can be found here. GPS location: 44.44909, -77.68943

Greensides Farm

The Greensides Farm is located in Marmora. Some claimed to have seen Marian apparitions over the past 25 years on the property. The phenomena started during a reunion of friends in 1991. Various people saw a miracle of a spinning sun. In 1992, the Marian apparitions appeared to ten children from age 4 to 14 within one day. There is spring water at the farm and some claim it has healing effects in this time when so many need healing especially of the spiritual kind. More recently, the property was being turned over to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. Stations of the Cross have been placed around the field and into the woods. Pinterest site can be found here.

I must add a word of caution. Revelations and visions excite us on our spiritual journey. In the absence of approval by the Holy See, I urge you to pray for discernment before visiting such sites. The Greensides themselves have warned about attacks from the enemy: not all who claim to be seers are legitimate. Beware of false prophets. Address: 86 Greenside Lane, Marmora. GPS location: 44.49174, -77.63205

Ruins of Saint Matilda Church

Established in 1825 on the west bank of the Crowe River, Saint Mathilda Church was one of the very first Catholic churches in Upper Canada. It served as the first church for various protestant faiths as well. It was a place of congregation for the 150-200 inhabitants of Marmora during that time. The church measured 25' in width by 43' in length. The church building was completely constructed from limestone quarried from a nearby rock-pit on the west bank of Crowe River. After 1875, when a new Roman Catholic Church was built, the building was abandoned. The foundations of this old building still remain as a kind of shrine and were restored in 1964. GPS location: 44.48608, -77.68919

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Indian River Reptile Zoo

Indian River Reptile Zoo is a small reptile zoo located 15 minutes west from the Maximilian Retreat House on Highway 7. The zoo hosts more than 200 different reptiles. While some of the reptiles are species native to Canada, there is also a large number of species from other parts of the world. The zoo is also known for its popular rattlesnake exhibit which is the largest in Canada. Although the zoo offers visitors the opportunity to see a wide range of reptiles, much of its focus is on the preservation and conservation of all reptile species. Address: 2206 County Rd 38, Indian River. GPS location: 44.34421, -78.08814

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Empire Cheese and Butter Co-op

Founded in 1870, Empire Cheese & Butter Co-op is a farmer-owned cheese factory and manufactures fresh curd, cheddar cheese and specialty, flavoured cheese. The co-op is owned by local dairy farmers who hold an election each year to vote in a Board of Directors to run the factory. Cheese is made in the traditional way in open-style vats. Address: 1120 County Rd # 8, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada. GPS location: 44.2684, -77.76476

World's Finest Chocolate

One of the few remaining factories making chocolate from bean to bar. Founded from artisan roots, this 80-year-old company is more recognized as the maker of Laura Secord and remembered from our time fundraising as a kid selling chocolate to family and friends. Address: 1157 Cockburn Street, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0, Canada. GPS location: 44.30439, -77.79322

Church-Key Brewing Company

Founded in 2000, Church-Key was the first microbrewery in Northumberland County. The brewery is situated in an 1878 Methodist Church, the microbrewery handcrafts a number of ales. Address: 1678 County Rd, Campbellford. GPS location: 44.35367, -77.73511

Twoloom Alpacas

Twoloom Alpacas is an alpaca farm breeding for superior fleece. The alpacan fabric cannot be compared to other fabrics with the fibres as fine as 20 microns, antimicrobial qualities and comes in 22 natural colours. Alpaca meat is one of the healthiest and most flavorful in the world. The Twoloom Alpacas farm is one of the largest in Ontario. Address: 290 County Road 35, Hastings. GPS location: 44.28663, -77.90305

Curle's Maple Products and Maple Museum

Curle's Maple Products, since 1862, has been producing maple syrup, butter and sugar. our roadside Sugar Shack. Self-guided tours of the sugar shack, maple museum, play schoolhouse. At the rustic heritage farmstead, see old syrup production methods and new lead-free wood pellet evaporator. Open year-round on most days 10AM5PM. Address: 726 8th Line W, Campbellford. GPS location: 44.31503, -77.83094

Trent River Pottery

Features a selection of local artwork. Address: 2 Front St W, Hastings. GPS: 44.30948, -77.95683

Meyersburg Flea Market & Antiques

Meyersburg Flea Market & Antiques is an Indoor and Outdoor Flea Market located in Campbellford, Ontario, Canada. It operates year-round on weekends 10AM–5PM. Address: 5082 County Road 30, Campbellford. GPS location: 44.24789, -77.81658

Marmora Farmers' Market

The market operates from May to October on Saturdays only 8AM2PM. Address: 9 Matthew St, Marmora. GPS location: 44.47915, -77.69088

Hoards Station Sale Barn

Hoards Station became a livestock market since 1949. Every Tuesday only, starting at noon, Hoards Station hosts a weekly livestock auction where a variety of animals including pigs, sheep, goats, dairy cattle, springers and beef cattle. It is also not uncommon to see horses, donkeys, mules and llamas. There are many modernizations to this old tradition including the use of digital scales, RFID, and instant payment systems. GPS location: 44.29114, -77.67566 


With plenty of lakes and rivers in the area, there are numerous fishing spots. In fact, there are too many to name or count. If you are looking for a good fishing time or great fishing results, your choice of spot depends on personal skill, style, and preference. Please refer to this page for a list of some sites.

Please ensure you heed to all our policies for fishing and keeping fish on the property. 

Groceries and General Stores

Various store chains operate within a 20-minute drive from the St. Maximilian Retreat House. For groceries, there is a No Frills and Sharpe's in Campbellford. Hardware and building suppliers include Rona, Home Hardware and BMR. Please refer to General Shopping Places Near the St. Maximilian Retreat House for further information.