Founder's Message

We welcome you and your family to the St. Maximilian Retreat House! 

We founded this place to give us an alternative to the city. The quiet can bring peace by means of reflection especially in the company of friends and family. This place was named after a good man who gave a stranger another chance at the cost of his own life.   

When asked how it all started, I can't help but give all glory to God. It started when I read a story about a man who bought a plot of land when he was in jail. Not knowing how much the land could be worth, he trusted first. Things came together for this man. 

Happy to share my personal experiences and doing it God's way. This has much to do with good work. The St. Maximilian Retreat House was founded on the idea of communion with others. Happy are we who are poor in spirit. 


D. Maximilian Wong

About the Maximilian Family Fund

Founded in 2008, our mission is to uphold the principles of sanctity and honour through material works. Ours is a charity, fraternity and unity fund run by members of the Maximilian Family. Our purpose is to serve with humility, to teach by example, and to become men and women for others. We have supported seminarians, missionaries, activists and social enterprises in local and faraway places.

Our family credo is the Nicene Creed